4 Things About QLED TV & What Makes Q LED TV Price Than Others.

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When CRT TVs went obsolete, the technology has done a fantastic development with various forms of television like LCD, LED, QLED, and OLED. By seeing all these incredible journeys of high-end inventions, the future of television is going to be smarter and brighter.

We that humans have come up with several different outperforming technologies in terms of making display more accurate to real life colors but all of us are often confused while figuring out which one is best to pick.

Brands by analysing buyers’ persona, have started manufacturing a new technology of Smart TV called QLED TV. The QLED has literally penetrated the industry like no one has ever expected due to its most affordable price range and a relatively closer to real life images than any other Display Technologies.
Earlier it was in-plane switching displays (IPS Panels), but now generation has shifted to Quantum Dot LED TVs
Where Quantum LED display has basically a backlight filter with quantum enhancement film. That changes the viewers experience to an entire new level.
See, how far technology is going with simple changes, crazy right?
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So, What is Quantum Dot Technology?

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Usually, the LCD - Liquid Crystal Display is powered by a blue backlight layered with white shades, so in quantum dot LED TVs displays, The enhanced QDEF filter converts the blue mixed white light into natively pure red, blue, and green.
This combination of Red, Green and Blue colors increases the brightness and provides better picture quality. This Quantum Dot LED TVs filter is basically a quantum-enhanced film that contains trillions of tiny phosphors. These quantum particles are smaller than water molecules and bigger than a virus.


QLED TVs use quantum dot display as backlight, where it helps to produce picture brighter and clean. LED is emerged in the market before QLED.

LED TVs, use a LED backlight but do not contain any quantum filter layer. In between these two, the picture quality is
very high in QLED TVs when compared to LED TVs.
Both are alike when they use VA panels or IPS panels and LED backlight, the only difference is that quantum dot backlight. QLED displayed more brightness than normal LED TV. Quantum dot is unique and some companies are now labelling their product with the QLED TVs.

Both are rapidly growing and available in different sizes with the best led tv price.

The Technology Involved In QLED TV

We know QLED is incorporated with quantum dot filter above the backlight which helps to produce better picture quality and color.

When it reaches deeper color television is able to construct a ratio that leads to more accurate images on the screen.When comes to best brightness and color contrast, QLED is a leader in the marketplace. LED not draining more power, unlike QLED needs to consume more power which helps to produce an optimal picture.
LED, LCD, QLED, or OLED which redeem the best viewing experience depends upon viewing angle, viewing distance. The backlight behind the panel gives a huge crash on viewing angle as well as luminance.

So, what is the price range of the best QLED TV in India?

Buyers may think, the cost of the QLED TVs in India will be higher, and can’t afford it at a lesser price. But the reality is different.

A few years back, the price of the television had dropped and some companies are giving the most affordable LED TV Price. Moreover, because of affordability, the QLED TV has known as a budget Smart TV where even middle-class people find worthy.
Ridaex is manufacturing the Best QLED TVs in India with greater picture quality, specs, price, features, with the available size of 43 Inch QLED TV to 65 Inch QLED TV at a reasonable price.

It is undoubtedly better to buy the best QLED TVs in India for their greater volume in the market. Ridaex is aiming to manufacture different technology that could give the best visuals, brightness, and picture quality, based on the user demands. Hope this technology will run not simpler, but brighter in the future.