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The Big, Old CRT TV Is Really Toxic?

The Big, Old CRT TV Is Really Toxic?

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The Past … 

CRTs were once synonymous with television, and to our surprise, many are using these Hazards CRT TVs till date.
The development of electronic television systems was based on the development of the cathode ray tube (CRT). A Cathode ray tube was found in all electronic television sets up until the invention of the less bulky LCD Display.
The first cathode ray tube device was invented by the German scientist Karl Ferdinand Braun in 1897. Braun introduced a CRT with a fluorescent screen, known as the cathode ray oscilloscope. The screen would emit visible light when struck by a beam of electrons.

The experimentation of cathode tubes is largely accredited to a JJ Thomson and he was able to deflect cathode rays, a fundamental function of the modern CRT. This is how CRT Came into Existence.

Did you know ??

  1. CRT TVs have a bad impact on our surroundings
    A CRT TV has a vacuum tube and an electron gun which emits electrons when heated and this will get focused on beam. These are deflected back using the magnetic field on the front display, which glows and hence forms the desired image on the screen

Simple, isn’t it? Not quite.

This above stuff happens inside the TV, electromagnetic fields are generated from inside. Exposure to these fields is very hazardous in the long run, as these fields affect the functioning of living cells and these Very Low-Frequency Emissions (the fields)causes, disturbance in the growth of bones, irregularities in the heart rate and even alterations in the genetic structure!
To avoid all this havoc, one needs to sit at least 90cm away from the CRTs which produces radiations, thus they obey the inverse square law and weaken over the increase in distance.
So are we safe if we sit far away from them?

Nope!! Either way, it’s not safe

2) CRT TVs have dirty Glasses
CRT TVs contain high amounts of leaded glass, which can be released upon breaking of the screen, causing great hazards to the environment too…

So are you dumping these TVs In the darker corners of your basement, between a cobweb and the canal? The Barium compounds which are present in CRT TVs are dangerous to humans as well as they are water-soluble and if consumed in large amounts, can cause cardiac irregularities, damages to the nervous system.

3) CRT TVs has Size issues
The most obvious disadvantage of this CRT TVs over other TVs are weight and size. A CRT consists of a vacuum tube through which electrons are to travel, So the size of the TV is large and it’s bulky.

4) CRT TVs are Power Consuming Monsters
CRT TVs are known for “Power Consuming”. They consume a heavy amount of electricity while heating up the electron guns.

Try to avoid CRTs at all costs. They may be extremely cheap, but, they are not worth a penny of your money. Instead, go for LED TV if you have the budget.

Keeping this in mind Our Ridaex Team came with an Idea of CRT Mukth Barath which was priorly done by Kodak and we are taking this forward to a next step…