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HDR Gaming On Ridaex LED TV

HDR Gaming On Ridaex LED TV

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Remember the huge leap forward from flip-phones to Smart Android phone? Well, it’s the same all over again, but this time with TV and the new ones are crunch point, i.e 4k tv. If you look at the recent trends of the way the TVs are built, they have plenty to offer from Playing 4K videos without any lag to Video calling it has it all and now that we have Android in LED TVs the features are growing every single day.

One such feature that is making a buzz in the LED TV industry is the HDR feature, ‘HDR’ stands for High Dynamic Range, and it is the next big thing for 4K LED TVs and 4K content. The term originates in photography and refers to a technique to heighten a picture’s dynamic range – the contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks. HDR10 is the original and currently most common form of HDR.

The concept is higher the dynamic range the closer the picture gets to real life. HDR for televisions is basically the same idea.

Look at the sky. The clouds may be white or grey but there should be definite layers. Around the clouds, you should be able to pick out varying degrees of brightness.

Now, look at clouds on your TV. They tend to look flat by comparison, with white levels crushed and layers virtually indistinguishable. There are several reasons for this. But if your TV has the HDR feature then the picture looks as same as it appears to the naked eye. 4K LED TVs currently in the industry and in the future should feature HDR10.

HDR and Gaming

There was a time when we used to struggle to play video games because of poor picture quality and the screen used to lag but now the times have changed since most of the gaming consoles today supports games with HDR and you need a 4K LED TV which supports HDR10 to play these games. This means the screen won’t lag while playing your favorite games and produces clear vivid images so you don’t miss friend or foe.

Ridaex TVs are competent enough to handle HDR10 with ease and can provide you with the ultimate gaming experience that lets you immerse into the graphics of your favorite game with more realistic images, You’ll see the game in its entirety on the large, slim-bezel 4K HDR screen as you pursue your virtual opponents. And the vivid color and details on your Ridaex 4K LED TV to mean you won’t overlook anything—or more importantly, anyone.

Ridaex 4K LED TVs are capable to run PUBG game on the TV without any External Hardware in the future while most of our competitors like the Chinese TV giant can only Cast the game on their TV screens.