Things you should know about LED Smart TVs Repair

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Major kinds of LED Smart TVs problems.

  1. Power-cord Damage
  2. Infrared remote not working
  3. Bluetooth remote not working
  4. Power stabilizer failure
  5. Motherboard / Logic board failure
  6. LVDS cable loose connection / damage
  7. T-CON Board failure
  8. Backlight failure
  9. LED Tv Display screen with dust / fungus
  10. LED Tv Display screen with horizontal and vertical lines
  11. Display screen physical damage
  12. Speakers now working
  13. Speakers crackling sound
  14. Android / Logic board firmware failure

Frequently asked questions about LED TV Repair

1. LED Tv repair near me

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2. Is LED TV repairable? ⬇

Of course Yes, LED TVs are always repairable with the availability of the right kind of spare components. Every LED TV manufacturing brand will have an ADHOC set of spare components stored at least for 5 - 7 years from the date of launch of the product.  There is about a 12 - 18% chance of spare components not available after 5 years in some models.

3. How much does it cost to fix a broken LED TV screen? ⬇

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Without hesitation, It costs close to 90% of the entire LED Smart TV value to replace or fix a broken LED TV screen.  In some cases, this might not include the service fee.

Tip: You can use an LED TV Screen Guard to avoid screen damages.

Fact: It's not worth the money to repair a damaged LED TV Screen, Instead one can buy a new LED Smart TV for a cheaper price today.

4. How do you fix a black screen on a LED TV? ⬇

Before one tries to fix a black screen on LED TV.  It's most important to evaluate the conditions of the TV.  There are some test cases one can perform to evaluate the problem. Follow the below steps.

1. Turn on the LED TV from the main power board.

2. Do you find the indicator light glowing?  // If Yes, You have the power supply for the TV. //

3. Turn On the TV with an infrared remote?  

4. If the TV didn't turn On, check if the Smart TV Remote is functioning properly.

5. If the Infrared remote is working and you still can't see the picture. Try to play something on Tv and check if you have audio output.  

6. If you don't have audio output while trying to play. There is a chance that the motherboard or logic board might have gone bad.   A qualified technician needs to see your LED Smart TV.

7. If you have the audio output but still no display.  You can confirm, no failure in the logic board, and proceed ahead with steps.

8. Take a torch and try to show some light towards your screen. If you find pictures on the screen.  It is confirmed as Backlight Failure.9. If still no picture on the screen, It is recommended to get the television checked by a qualified technician.

5. How many years do TVs last? ⬇

The longevity of the TV is measured the based number of working hours.  Typically a very well manufactured LED TV will work between 40000 to 75000 hours.

i,e 3.5 to 8 years.

6. What causes LED backlight failure? ⬇

led tv backlight

1. The primary reason for LED backlight failure is the lower quality of LED strips used for manufacturing.  

2. Powersurge caused due to motherboard and backlight driver failure.

3. Low ventilation inside the LED TV back panel which causes the Light Emitting Diodes to stop working eventually.

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