Smart TV Buying Guide | Top 5 Smart TV Features To Checkout In 2020

Top 5 Smart TV In 2020

In a day, more than 560 million people are using the internet in India. Include all 4.54 billion Worldwide internet users. In our most advanced World, people enjoy the integrated internet, interactive web contents and more advanced computing ability in their gadgets.  So why does television lack all those features to become a useful gadget people desire? Here comes the Smart TV concept – the television that fulfills most of the user’s demand in 2020.

There are numerous TV brands with the best features that can create confusion in buyer’s minds. We understand that well. We have sorted a few essential features in a Smart TV people should look for before buying a Smart LED televisions 2020.

#1 Choose your Smart TV Resolution

The more pixels your TV contains, the better, sharper and lifelike the picture. The resolution has been the main area of improvement over the years and it has become one of the essential Smart LED TV features. 

The picture quality (resolution of television) has been improved from HD to 4K seamlessly. 4K has 6 million more pixels than regular HD. We suggest, go with a minimum resolution of Full HD and 4K if comfortable. Your smart 4K TV  makes even more regular HDR content better by using up-scaling technology that beautifully transposes 1080P to 4K by adding pixel density in the process.

#2 The Operating System

If you decide to buy a Smart TV you will come across a few Operating Systems (OS) just like you find them on your laptops and smartphones. 

Android OS 

Setup: Simple

Ease of use: Good & Efficient

Speed: Good With Average Number of Apps

Number of Apps: High ( Because Of Open Source Platform)

Universal Search: Better

  • Pros: Recommended content row. Clean layout. Open Source platform.
  • Cons: Only a few apps are customized for unmatched user experience. Landscape application orientation for friendly usage.

WebOS (found on LG OLED TVs)

Setup: OK

Ease of use: Good

 Speed: Better

Number of apps: Not Many Apps (Custom App Store)

Universal search: OK

  • Pros: Seamless and easy to use interface. Fast to navigate.  
  • Cons: Limited Number Of Applications.

Tizen (found on Samsung QLED TVs)

Setup: Good

Ease of use: Good

Speed: Better

Number of apps: Not Many Apps (Custom App Store)

Universal search: Bad

  • Pros: TV Plus offers free channels. Fast to navigate. 
  • Cons: Universal search can be hit or miss, Limited Number Of Applications.

We suggest Android TV OS for the new buyers. It has the most comprehensive and standardized solutions for an unmatched Android Smart TV user experience.

#3 Wireless Connectivity

ridaex dual band wifi

You can go wireless (connecting through WiFi and Bluetooth) in order to access your favorite streaming services—be they audio or video. You will get built-in Ethernet as well. If you intend to stream 4K UHD, then you want either a rock-solid WiFi connection preferably 5Ghz Band or you need to go with a wired Ethernet connection to ensure you have the required bandwidth to pull it off. 

Suggestion: Dual Bad WiFi Tv with Ethernet Connectivity

#4 Streaming Video Services

There are several streaming video services like Netflix, VUDU, and Amazon, Crackle, Hulu Plus, YouTube, ESPN, HBO Go, and others. You want to make sure that you have access to the services you already pay for or those which you at least intend to use. You have the liberty to access free and pay streaming movies means you may never run out of great content to watch in your living room or home theater.

#5 Games

Android Smart TV is not only for watching your favorite TV series or movies. There is a wide range of games that you can enjoy, right from the old classic Solitaire. Android Smart TVs are able to access the PlayStation as well as system-based games. Now you can experience the breathtaking games like Uncharted 5, Dying Light 2  by making use of controllers such as Sony Dualshock 3 or Dualshock 4.


Thus we covered a few essential Smart TV features which are commonly searched in 2020. Other than these you can get a rough idea about features like HDMI ports, voice control, miracast in a Smart TV.

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