11 Android TV Apps For Best Entertainment

best Android TV apps

Who thought that an idiot box will rule our home once and it will become the epicenter of our most of the visual entertainment? It made a prominent spot in our everyday life when Google introduced Android TV platform in 2014. Slowly and steadily Android TV has been maturing as a popular platform of Entertainment.

The right apps on your Android TV or an Android TV box will make your audio visual entertainment to the next level. The virtue of an Open Source platform like Google millions of apps are available for an Android device. Out of this open ocean of apps only a few apps are tailored and customized for an Android TV to provide unmatched quality and breathtaking experience to viewers.

We have listed a few suggestions for you with the right mix of video streaming service, music streaming content, productivity and system apps.

#1 Puffin TV

Internet browsing has always been a delicate-point of a Smart TV, with TV remotes and on screen keypad can never come close to smoothness and ease of doing it in a computer. Puffin TV goes a long way to give the unmatched solution for this. The browser interface is perfectly optimized and feels just right on the TV screen. It syncs up with your phone, lets you create bookmarks using QR codes, and renders websites faster.

#2 Kodi

One of the powerful media server applications available for Android TV. The app can be used to manage all your media into one central location, which can even be set up to be accessed remotely. Maximum number of add-ons that give you access to streaming services from all over the world. Some of these are popular sites like Fox Sports and BBC iPlayer.

#3 Netflix

This video streaming app for TV on Android is available world-wide and people are crazy for it. This is probably one of the best TV shows and movie app for Android TV Box.

It has a wide variety of movies, TV Shows, and series whether they are produced by other companies or exclusively produced by Netflix itself.

Netflix gives you the ability to use it for free for 30 days trial period. And it supports Android TV boxes, so you can even find it on any smart TV or game console like Xbox One or PlayStation 4, which means you will be able to continue watching your movies and series on any device and anywhere.

#4 Aptoide

Aptoide is simply one of the best apps for Android TV because it lets you access thousands of Android apps without any geo-restriction or Android TV compatibility issue. Aptoide is a third party App-Store like Google Play Store. Aptoide is directly supported by the developers. Aptoide is a very useful alternate resource of Google Play Store.

#5 AirScreen

Android TVs come with support for Google Cast. It allows you to cast any video, audio, or images from your Android device to an Android Smart TV. What if you are an iPhone user and also happen to buy an Android TV? Technically you’d face serious compatibility issues. This is because iPhones don’t support Google Cast. They come with Airplay that allows iOS users to stream media from an iPhone to an Apple TV.

Google has given a simpler solution for iOS users by introducing AirScreen. It allows iPhone users to stream media content from an iPhone to an Android TV. AirScreen creates an AirPlay server on your Android TV, allowing you to mirror your iPhone on an Android TV.

#6 SlingTV

The best Android TV app that offers you a great range of live TV channels including sports, lifestyle, local and international news and then SlingTV is the perfect pick. The app has channels such as the ESPN network, NFL, The Food Network, CNBC, BBC, and more. 

While the app is completely free to install, you will have to pay for the the live TV series.

#7 Amazon Prime Video

One of the biggest competitor to Google Play Movies & TV and Netflix. Amazon allows you to pay to watch great packages of channels like SHOWTIME, HBO, Cinemax, and STARZ. It has exclusively produced movies and TV series and some of them biggest hit in World wide.

#8 Twitch

Twitch is a live-streaming video platform where gamers post live video game streams. For gaming fans, it’s not only fun but extremely important.

Watching game-play on Twitch allows gamers to learn new gaming tactics and new ways to play different games and also gives them a new understanding of the different levels and difficulties a game offers.

It can greatly help players who are stuck at a particular level to learn how to proceed to the next level. If you a hardcore gamer, then you’ll appreciate what Google has done in making Twitch feature in the list of Android TV apps.

#9 VLC

VLC media player app is a very popular video player, and with good reason. The app supports almost every file format, and can playback videos encoded in a wide variety of codecs. VLC can even easily decode videos that use the HEVC H.265 codec. The VLC app automatically categorizes your media into Video, Audio, and other formats. Also you can control things like hardware acceleration, and more.

#10 Spotify

Spotify is another one of the essential Android TV apps. It is a rock solid music streaming service. It also has podcasts and even some video content. The prices of the pro versions have remained the same for ages. The selections are also far above average. We like Google Play better, but Spotify is just as good.

#11 X-plore File Manager

This file manager lets you explore all the files and folders on your Android TV in a granular manner like you might find on a desktop OS like Windows or macOS. Delete, move and copy files as you want, sync your files across cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, and share files over Wi-Fi. It’s a no-nonsense app for those who want to dig deeper into their Android TV.