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RIDAEX SHIELD: A Big Time Saviour For Your TV Screens

RIDAEX SHIELD: A Big Time Saviour For Your TV Screens

Whenever you get a new SmartPhone the first think triggers in your mind is to protect it from any sort of external damage, So you buy a Mobile Case and a Screen Guard to protect your Smartphone. But, When you buy a TV do you think the same?

No, because you think TV is just hung on the wall and it doesn't require any kind of protection, Right? This is what we all think. Then later on regret when damage is caused to the TV screen and all your hard-earned money spent on the TV seems to be flushed, and when you plan to resell it no one would like to buy a TV with a cracked screen. If you want to get a screen replacement done, you will have to spend about 90% the cost you have paid to buy your tv in the past. High quality and the company-branded original LED screen will cost up to 90% of the LED TV.  So why not even protect your TV screen? To safeguard your TV screen from any external damage a shield is required.

Ridaex has launched its new product knows as Ridaex Shield, Ridaex Shield protects your TV screen from any sort of external damage. If you have kids at your home then it's mandatory to be at a safer side and protect your things. Ridaex Shield can be used for TVs used in Factories, Stadiums, Jails, Schools, Gyms, and hospitals where the chances for external damage are high.

Ridaex Shield is not only for Ridaex TVs in fact, It also fits all other branded LED TV's. Ridaex shield is available in different sizes so that it fits all different size TVs available.

Why do you really need a Ridaex Shield?

Ridaex Shield is available in a very affordable price which safeguards your TV. Ridaex Shield is available in the following sizes: 32, 40, 43, 50, 55, 65 Inches and it will be available on Ridaex official website and other India's top e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon and PaytmMall. 

Worried about the Picture Clarity while using Ridaex Shield? 

Ridaex Shield doesn’t change the picture clarity. The picture clarity and color tone is perfect even after a shield is added on the screen. It is built with High-Quality Italian Acrylic and the shield appears to be crystal clear, so the picture clarity of the TV remains unaltered.