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Smart LED TV v/s Android LED TV

Smart LED TV v/s Android LED TV

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There is a lot of innovations happening every single day in technology and advancements in electronics is huge since a lot of people depend on Electronic Gadgets to fulfill their everyday requirements. A smartphone released in 2007 is not smart enough now, digital watch’s job isn’t just about displaying time anymore, the same goes to TV where a lot of changes has happened in terms of the size, in displays from CRT to LED TVs it has gone a long way and it has got a lot smarter, it isn’t an “Idiot box” anymore.

Now there is a lot of discussions on Smart LED TVs and Android LED TVs as which is the best in terms of performance, entertainment and value for money.

What is the Difference between Smart LED TV and Android LED TV?


Smart LED TV

Smart LED TVs are LED TVs with built-in apps with the ability to connect to the internet. Also, they have their own Apps Store with limited Apps available to download. With Smart TV the usage is very limited compared to an Android TV, Smart LED TVs to run on Operating Systems like Tizen, WebOS, Firefox OS, etc…

The Disadvantages of this TV is that the cost of Smart LED TVs is much higher when compared to an Android LED TV and only a limited number of apps are available as compared to that of an Android LED TV, Updates are also a problem for many Smart TVs while Android TVs are updated much more easily.

Android LED TV

Android LED TVs are LED TVs which run on Android Operating System. Android is a well known operating system that many phones and tablets run on, which gives it an upper hand in terms of App Library for most anything that can be thought, of because of the availability of Google Play Store which is the most secure way to download apps. Any LED TV can be turned into an Android LED TV with the help of an external Android TV box. If you are an Android phone or tablet user then it becomes very easy to use Android Interface on the LED TV,  Also Android LED TVs are much cheaper than Smart LED TVs, the price for a smart TV does not match its computing power compared to the hardware of an android box can offer.

The only Disadvantage of this TV would be if you haven’t used an Android interface before then it would take some time to adjust to this interface.