Bored In Quarantine? 10 Best Way To Utilize Your Smart TV During COVID-19 Lockdown

10 best ways to utilize your smart tv during covid-19 lockdown

With India as well as the whole world is under quarantine schools and offices closed, many families and individuals are confined in their homes. Many of us crippled by boredom already. This three-week isolation could present us with an opportunity to try something new with the household gadgets and a Smart TV can come up in an effective way to deliver the fun in a few indoor activities.

We have listed a few ideas to use your Smart TV in the best possible way either in your Work From Home activities or Indoor Entertainment.

#1 Use As An Alternate Working Device

corona covid-19 stock market crash

If you are a Stock Market Analyst or observer, a self-computing capable device like an Android Smart TV improves your work standard and gives you the desired flexibility even in the home. An Android Smart TV comes with an ample of applications (commonly found in Google Play Store) and web content surfing capability through web browsers. You need to install the right trading or observation application or simply log in to your work-related website- your alternate device is at your service. A Stock Market Analyst can use applications like Money Control, Kotak Securities, Indiabulls Securities, Angel Broking apps. 

#2 Play PUBG Mobile

pubg in smart android tv

PUBG mobile is one of the widely played games in 2019 and 202. More than 100 million users play PUBG worldwide. Imagine if you get a chance to play PUBG mobile on your Big Screen. Let your whole family see your game expertise. 

The best way to play PUBG mobile on your Smart TV

  • ApowerMirror :
ridaex mira cast ridaex screen cast

ApowerMirror is one of the best screens reflecting Android Smart TV apps that you may use to cast your phone’s screen to your TV. Using it, you can stream videos, music, photos and other files to any mirroring-compatible device. Moreover, it can also assist you in playing mobile games directly on your Android TV. Playing your favorite mobile game on your Smart TV is easy using ApowerMirror, as it does not require any wires or cables.

  • Chromecast :
ridaex chromecast ridaex miracast

Another application to play PUBG Mobile on your Android TV is Chromecast. This is an economical mirroring device that allows you to stream your mobile phone’s content to an Android TV. Additionally, this device can also handle websites that are Cast-enabled like YouTube, and even social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

#3 Listen Music On Spotify

ridaex spotify

Streaming music to your Android Smart TV along with home theater is an excellent way to get your tunes to the best speakers in your home. Spotify gives you endless access to millions of artists, albums, and songs. Streaming over millions of songs on your Smart TV is one of the best experiences. The sound quality is excellent because of higher bit-rate audio files.

#4 Netflix & Chill

netflix ridaex led tv

Android Smart TV entertainment will be at its highest peak when you could use a streaming video service. You can’t ignore the fact that among all the streaming video services when it comes to TV shows, Netflix is faraway from others. Everybody likes content and loads of content in Netflix. Netflix is a King in the world of television, spending billions of dollars on long-form content, be it the ones produced in-house “Stranger Things” or ones it acquires from others “Friends”. No wonder then that it’s the king of streaming services globally, with over 167 million subscriptions across 190 countries.

Add into your watch list, the following shows:

the 100 ridaex
  • The Hundred ( Most Recommended During COVID-19 Pandemic) 
  • American Crime Story
  • Better Call Saul 
  • Archer
  • Big Mouth

#5 Cast Your Holiday Pictures And Videos On Your Smart TV

photo and video cast

Whether you’re sharing photos from a recent trip or traveling down memory lane, it’s hard to do your pictures justice on your smartphone or camera’s small screen. So why not take advantage of the big screen you already have—your Smart TV? You can easily cast your pictures and videos by using built-in casting applications.

#6 Do Video Calls

ridaex video calls

Home Quarantine!  You are not allowed to visit your extended family but, one can enjoy making video calls by using a Android Smart TV. It is the right time to use this feature of a Smart TV to connect with dear ones who all are staying far away from your home during the outbreak of pandemic disease. You can use applications like Hangouts, Google Duo, Skype on your Smart TV to make video calls.

#7 Connect Alexa With Your Smart TV

Did you know you can connect your Smart TV to an Amazon Alexa Smart Speakers? By doing so, you enable voice control for adjusting the volume, opening apps, searching for shows and much more. With just a couple of apps, you can set up your Amazon Echo to your Smart TV now.

#8 Turn Your Smart TV into Gym Trainer

Fitness VOD ridaex fitness app

Okay, we know your gym is closed and you can’t maintain your gym routine while you are at home. But your Smart TV can be your temporary Gym trainer and fitness center at your Home. Thanks to apps like Fitness VOD and Daily Burn, along with the countless exercise routines available for free on YouTube and Spotify, your Smart TV can become the center of your home gym.

#9 Read Books

Who doesn’t love to read their favorite books sitting on a couch without holding it in their hands? A Smart TV gives you this royal privilege with a giant screen to enjoy your fiction or non-fiction book reading concept. Try this at your home now by simply installing Kindle eBook reader or Google eBook into your Smart TV.

#10 Stay On Top Of Your Social Networks

Social media icons

You love scrolling through your favorite social media sites for hours on end. In fact, the only thing a lot of people love more than watching TV is tweeting all about it. Thankfully, all the major social networks have robust Smart TV apps for posting status updates and sharing your favorite memes on the big screen. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram happily on your giant Smart TV.

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