How To Clean LED TV Screen At Home – [QUICK GUIDE]


Every home has a television nowadays, whether it is a Smart LED TV, LCD TV or a CRT TV. They range in make and model and different sizes. How annoying is the situation when we have had an issue like spots and smudges on our television screen and you are watching your favorite movie. When it comes to cleaning a Smart LED TV screen, we need proper care and the right method to get rid of those unwanted specks of dirt without harming your Smart LED TV screen. Regular cleaning of a television screen helps to improve visibility and also enhances the life of a Smart TV.

We suggest the best way to clean an LED television screens and help you get your TV screen spot-free. 

Required Tools:

  • A small duster with handle
  • A microfiber cloth
  • Lukewarm water

 Before You Start:

  • Turn off the TV and unplug the cord from the wall outlet.
  • Wait for 5 minutes to cool down the unit.
  • Make sure all holdings are adequately tightened. So that it will not wobble while you clean the unit.
  • In case of a small unit with a stand, place it in an open area for ease of work.

Clean Your LED TV Screen

  • Use the small duster and gently wipe out the slack dirt particle from the television screen. 
  • Do a dry wipe with a microfiber cloth. Apply gentle pressure on the screen as LED Smart TVs screens are pressure sensitive.
  • For stubborn spots and fingerprints, dab a little the microfiber cloth into lukewarm water and clean.

Don’t Dos:

  • Never Spray liquid cleanser directly to the television screen. It could dip over the lower part of the screen and may cause malfunction to your Smart LED TV. Spray water with a non-soap solution on a microfiber cloth then use it to wipe the screen.
  • Don’t use heavy chemicals to clean your Android TV screen; it may prove harsh on the screen and can lead to discoloration.


  • A paper towel and an electric window cleaner will be the alternate solution for microfiber cleaning cloth and a small duster respectively.

Clean your Smart Android TV screen regularly and enjoy the spot-free and smudge-free Android TV online watching experience with excellent picture quality in Full HD or 4K Ultra HD.