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Understanding difference between Android phone and Android TV 2019

Understanding difference between Android phone and Android TV 2019

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What is Android?

Android is an operating system for mobile devices such as tablet, and smartphones. It is developed by Google using Java language. The mission of the Android project is to create a successful real-world product that improves the mobile experience for end-users. There are many versions of Android some of the Recent and popular ones are Nougat (Android 7.1)Oreo (Andriod8.2) and the current version is Pie (Android 9).

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Android For Smartphones:

In the year 2007, Steve Jobs created a huge buzz in the telephone industry when he launched Apple’s first Smartphone, iPhone 3G based on iOS, after a year later in response to Apple Inc, HTC launched HTC Dream which was the first commercially available Android phone, starting a new era of Android OS-based Smartphones.

According to the latest reports, Android has a market share of 87% and iOS 12%(View Source) in the mobile industry, So what makes Android the most popular OS? To know the answer to this question.

Android has a huge number of features and here are some of the features that make it stand apart from other Operating System

  1. Open Source
    Android is an open-source platform where any developer can create, test their apps. Since the day Google launched an open source license of Android it has encouraged a large community of developers and enthusiasts to add more new features for Android.
  2. Custom Roms
    This is a famous customizable feature. Since Android OS is open source, developers can tweak the present OS and build their own versions, which users can download and install in place of the stock OS. Some are filled with features, while others change the look and feel of Android UI.
  3. Play store  Play Store is Google own Android market Place Where both free and paid Android applications can be downloaded which are developed by different developers and companies. One of the most famous messaging application “Whatsapp”  and payment application ” Paytm ” is previously developed by an unknown developer. Later once the usage increased day by day. The revenues of the developer increased and formed the companies.   In today’s world, there are millions of applications under various categories developed by enthusiasts. This triggered the growth of Android so well.

With such amazing features, Android didn’t limit itself for Phone and Tablets.  In 2010, Companies started manufacturing Televisions with Android Operating System.  People Of Lava developed the worlds first Android LED TV in Sweden.  But Android TV didn’t become a big hit unlike Android Phones and Tablets back than.

Later in 2016, Many Chinese companies Started manufacturing Android TV’s and started supplies in the global television market. It’s just been 2 years since Android TV’s are been purchased by consumers and there are many restrictions of usage yet since the concept of “Android TV” is still a growing baby.  But soon without any doubt, Android TV will be the biggest hit.

Now referring to the present day scenario, There are many ” Android TV ” restrictions, that are not yet been fully solved like android phones which will be addressed hereinbelow.

 Major Complications in Android TVs

User Interface Compatibility :
Android Phones are majorly used in Portrait mode.  But Android TVs are designed for Landscape Mode. When an application is developed to work both in Portrait and Landscape mode. This kind of applications will work for Android TV.  But in the other case, If the application is designed for Portrait mode, that’s definitely a problem.  Developing Fully responsive app is completely dependent on the developers. If the apps are not compatible, the app owners should think of a fully responsive design for the future of Android TV.

Live Example: JioTv is one of the major entertainment application which is booming in India.  Many of the Android TV users are trying to install JioTv, But unfortunately, that’s a failure.  Reliance Jio should think about developing an Android TV compatible version of JioTv.

Note: Moded JioTv application is available on the Internet. This Mod can be a potential threat to your Android TV.  

Application And OS Compatibility :
Certain applications in the Google play store are not compatible with the TVs the reason being the usage of the outdated Android versions. Let’s say if your android version is KitKat 4.4 and if you are willing to install or run an application which is compatible for Android 7.1.  Then the application might not run due to android platform restrictions.

Live Example: Netflix and Amazon Prime applications cannot be run on Android 4.4 and shortly expiring for Android 5.0. Even many of the Android TV’s have stopped Google Play store Access as well.

High Processing Power Requirement :

The minimum display size of an Android TV is at least 20 times higher than Android Mobile Phone.  Processing a High-Resolution image for such a big display is not an easy task.  Android TV requires better processors, for image processing, That is the main reason why many of the manufacturers use a dedicated Image Processing Engines for a smoother video display.

Example: Ridaex’s Image Up-scaling Engine ” IMAGEMAGIK V2 ”

Sony’s Image Up-scaling Engine ” X-Reality Engine 

It’s very important for every person who is willing to buy an Android TV to keep in mind to buy a TV which has a dedicated up-scaling engine. If there is no up-scaling engine,  The chances are really high that the Android Processor will overload and shows a laggy experience.

But, before the end of this article. We from Ridaex would like to say, Android TV environment is a growing baby and still need to see a lot of development from every possible angle in the future.  But the folks who are investing on Android TV’s today, need to understand the important complications in Android LED TV’s.

Ridaex say’s ” Android Is The Future ”