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Mumbai, Maharashtra is one of the top commercial capital cities in India and is also
known as the city of dreams. We know the living cost in metro cities like Mumbai, and also it is
relatively overpopulated.

Mumbai is not only expensive in terms of food, clothes, fuel, or overrated rents but when it comes to buying electronic items like Smart TVs, it is getting costlier here.

Big Smart TV brands from China and Korea noticed that Indian consumers will upgrade and adapt faster from small screen to big screen, with new features, specifications, and amazing picture quality.

Thus, some TV manufacturers are targeting these cities and doing multiple hikes on panel price and supply as well.

Because of this reason, the demand for electronic devices such as Smart TVs has made a remarkable impact in the market.

Whereas Mumbai is a metropolitan city, it produces more than 2 lakh units of e-waste every year. Along with that, the most important fact is, corrosion of electronic devices near the seaside environment is very high. Most consumer electronics are not designed for salt air which is mostly found in coastal areas.

This is the reason why the number of sales on electronic items in Mumbai is very low.

Then, how could we find the best Smart TVs that could resist corrosion?

Hold on! If you are looking for this question, then you are in the right place. Keep reading.

Television is one of the most essential things that every household needs. Apart from entertainment, these Smart TVs are well designed and integrated with unique features.

But people who live near the seaside areas must have experience with corrosion on their appliances. The metal substances on electronic devices like Smart TVs, laptops, are slowly eaten away by salt air. It costs a lot when repairing and replacing household items. That's why people hesitate to buy electronics in that region.

Don't worry! If you are the one who is struggling with buying a tv, then you are not alone here! Chill.

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Introducing Ridaex 4K best Smart TVs for Mumbaikers

Being a made in India TV manufacturers, holding strong standard features, specifications, and user requirements, our products are not only limited to entertainment but also educational purposes too.

Ridaex Arya1 is a flagship Smart TV with Spectacular robust specifications, Artificial intelligence, Security, Configuration, and the best services. Because of this reason, Ridaex has been gaining people's trust over the past 5 years.

Hence keeping it in consideration of all consumer hardship, Ridaex has come up with the world's most powerful Android TV at the best price.

Then why wait?go for your favorite LED TVs at a reasonable price.

Here is the list of Ridaex Smart TVs Store & Dealers in Mumbai.

Ridaex Systems - India

No. 12/1A, 17th Cross, 29th Main JP Nagar, 6th Phase, Bangalore: 560078

Contact Number: 080-456-81102


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