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Video Calling Android TVs in India: Everything You Need to Know

Video conferencing has become an integral part of today’s both professional and personal life.  It’s a realm to work remotely through virtual team meetings post Covid-19 across the globe, and India has seen the peaks of remote work culture.

In this era, video conferencing applications such as Zoom, Google Meet and Cisco Webex have seen the greatest heights in the business applications caetgory.  While smart phone apps like WhatsApp have become the common mans video calling tool to connect with their loved onces who live far away.

With large organisations, the trend continues till 2024. While keeping the employees safe and work efficiently at home and saving a lot of money that previously being spent for workspaces.

Video conferencing TVs or Video callings TVs have also played a very crucial rule during these years as supporting hardware. Because one can simultaneously work and attend the video meeting on zoom or google meet. The same demand for educational requirements also have reached new hights the recent years due to affordability of Video Calling TVs or Video Conferencing TVs in Indian Market.

Why Invest in a Video Conferencing Android TVs?

Firstly, Video Conferencing TVs are just not been used for Video Calling, Instead they can also be used as regular Entertainment Devices, Presentations Screens, Live Designing and Gaming units.  So, Investing in right quality and open source video calling TVs like Ridaex Future TVs will be the best choice of this decade.

Key Considerations When Buying a Video Conferencing LED TVs in India in 2024

1. Quality Of Display Panels: The display quality of a video conferencing LED TVs is the first most important for a clear and immersive viewing experience.  Features like 4K resolution, 60Hz refresh rates, and wide color gamut to ensure vibrant visuals and crisp details. Ridaex video conferencing Smart TVs are well known for the best display quality with built in ImageMagik upscaling engine and QLED IPS Panels.

2. Camera and Microphone Connectivity Support: Built-in or external cameras and microphones are essential components of a video conferencing Android TVs. Ridaex video conferencing TVs supports with high-resolution cameras and advanced microphone units as peripheral devices, giving an option to choose from wide range of camera and audio systems . These features ensure that meeting or video call participants can see and hear each other clearly, facilitating effective communication and collaboration.

3. Wired And Wireless Connectivity Options: Versatile connectivity options allow you to seamlessly connect the video conferencing Android TV to various periperal  devices. Ridaex video conferencing TVs support a wide range of inputs, including HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi, ensuring compatibility with laptops, smartphones, and other devices. Whether you're hosting a virtual meeting or streaming multimedia content, Ridaex video conferencing TVs deliver seamless connectivity and reliability.

4. User Interface and Application Compatibility: A user-friendly interface and large number of applications compatibility with popular video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, Microsoft Teams are crucial for hassle-free operations. Ridaex video conferencing LED TVs features and support leading platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. With easy-to-use controls and seamless integration, Ridaex video calling LED TVs simplify the setup and management of virtual meetings, empowering users to focus on collaboration and productivity.

5. Security And Authentication Features: Protecting sensitive information and ensuring privacy are top priorities when video conferences. Our video conferencing LED TVs prioritize security with robust encryption protocols, authentication mechanisms, and privacy controls set default both the companies. These features safeguard your data and protect against unauthorize access, giving you peace of mind during virtual meetings and presentations

Investing in a video calling TVs is a wise decision for businesses, educational institutions, and individuals seeking to enhance their communication and collaboration capabilities. By considering factors such as display quality, camera and microphone features, connectivity options, user interface, security, and brand reputation, you can choose the right video conferencing Smart TVs that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. With Ridaex video conferencing Android TVs, you can elevate your virtual meetings and presentations to new heights, delivering an realestic and engaging experience that drives productivity and success.


How expensive are Ridaex Video Conferencing TVs compared to regular Smart TVs?


Ridaex Video Conferencing TVs being the pioneer devices costs 10 - 15% higher when compared to regular Smart TVs with a wide range of new age features. Whereas, other brand conferencing setups can cost in lakhs.

What are the different video conferencing applications Ridaex TVs support?


Almost all the Android based video calling apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Team, Cisco Webex, TrueConf are natively supported, where as Google Meet is supported as web browser based. Whatsapp is excluded from the list as of April 2024 due to the restrictions set by Meta Inc.

What are the different kind of web cameras supported?


Any webcamera with or without audio features that can be plugged in using USB are support. One can enjoy the benefits of video calling with upto 4K resolution and with a stable internet connection.

Can we connect external audio system for better experience?


Ridaex Video Conferencing TVs come with Analog Audio Input Output Jack and HDMI ARC to connect with sound peripherals for enhanced experience.

Can we connect external Keyboard & mouse?


Yes, Off-course. External wireless keyboard and mouse can be connect with the help of USB dongle.

How to buy and can Ridaex Video Conferencing TVs delivered across India?


Before making a purchase directly on our store site. We advice you to get in touch with Ridaex Expert Team to get the best suggestion as per your needs by filling the contact form above. Ridaex supplied video calling TVs all across PAN India.

Still have questions? Call us at +91 8088337282 or email us at