Ridaex Windows TV

Ridaex - Windows TVs For Institutions & Businesses

Covid-19 pandemic has highly disrupted the normal life of every human beings. Living a digital life is a new normal today. Education is Digitalized, Shopping is Digitalized, Meetings are Digitalized, Work from home initiated and many more new normals.

But to enable Digitalizations, adequate hardware and softwares with highest internet security is required.

At Ridaex we are working on developing new Windows Operating System based TVs that could enable swift digilization. The Ridaex Windows TV can be used in all the formats where a computer with a bigger screen can be required.

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2500 Nits Smart TV

Upto 2500 Nits Outdoor Display TV With IP65 Rating

India's Smart City Mission is at its highest pace ever since it began. There are many noticeable developments and projects completed already.

Each and every project needs various communication mediums to connect with the users and citizens. LCD - LED Displays are most preferred due to their dynamic and high resolution content playback.

But some of the biggest challenges are Procurement of 2500 Nits Display Screens, Providing IP65 rating for water and dust proof, Importing and logistics challenges, On time warranty and service claims and last but not the least "Affordable Pricing".

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Ridaex Parallel Direct Light Emitting Diode

If you love Science, Have you ever asked yourself this question.
What kind of electric circuit do i like? Series Or Parallel?

Wile most individuals agree to choose parallel over series connections due to its failsafe mechanism. A lot of consumers electronics manufacturers are still implementing series connections.

But Why? Is there a technical reason or brands what their products to fail purposefully?

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