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The World's Most
Powerful Android & Best LED Smart TVs

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The World's Most Powerful Android LED TV

Best LED Smart TVs Built like A Falcon With Aluminium & ABS Material

”Make quality defines Durability” Crafted with light weight metal, coated with Direct Metal Primers for moisture, rust protection and fabricated with (ABS) “Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene” thermoplastic to withstand high temperatures.

best led tv in indiaridaex dled backlight

QLED TV Illuminated By 310 - 600 Nits Brightness DLED Backlit System

Brightness is the lifeline of any picture. Supporting a picture with the most accurate amount of brightness to the scene is called "Local Dimming". Ridaex Arya 1 Series LED TVs come with a range of nits and Direct LED Backlight System that enables partial local dimming for the best picture output.

led tv mother board buy onlineridaex amlogic S905X2 processor
Best LED TV With Fail-proof Split-Board Architecture
Imagine your are in the middle of nowhere and your vehicle runs out of fuel, but without hassle it turns back on and ready to go on battery power.  Now think of an Android LED Smart TVs that you can watch regular TV and DTH in case of a breakdown!

Split-Board Architecture is strategic design based on “Divide And Rule”, it is as simple as localize and divide the problem area of the structure and fix or upgrade with cost efficiently instead of replacing the entire Motherboard unit.
led tv fail safe technology

Failsafe Split-Board Architecture

Imagine a vehicle runs out of fuel in the middle of a long journey and still without hassle the backup mechanism starts to drive with the battery power. The same way, Imagine a Android LED TV that undergoes a Operating System crash due to changing application loads and has a backup mechanism of watching TV with regular DTH and Cable network setup.

Split-Board Architecture is strategic design based on “Divide And Rule”, it is as simple as localize and divide the problem area of the structure and fix or upgrade with cost efficiently instead of replacing the entire Motherboard unit.

Upgradable & Future Proof Android Smart LED TVs
Worried about incompatible new features or outdated hardware?

Just Relax, We've got your back! Seamlessly upgrade your Android hardware and software for the latest next 3 releases just like a computer. Split-Board Architecture is legendary saviour.
ridaex arya led tv backpanelled tv mother board buy onlineridaex amlogic S905X2 processor

Upgradable & Future Proof Android LED TV

Worried about incompatible new features or outdated hardware?

Just Relax, We've got your back. Seamlessly upgrade your Android hardware and software for the latest next 3 releases just like a computer. Split-Board Architecture is legendary saviour.

worlds most powerful led tv backpanel

Fused Power cord For Surge Protection

Wherever you are, Villages, small towns, metropolitans, in the middle of skyscrapers, the seven sisters, The thar desert, the great Himalayas, wherever you live!

One rule always applies, “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”

Ridaex Arya 1 LED Smart TVs are  always protected with a fused power cord from high voltages during thunder,  lightning strikes and artificial power hazards in any terrain.

LED Smart TVs With Quantum Dot Display

Experience real life like picture with India's Most Affordable Quantum Dot LED TV Display with 4K - 3840 X 2160p resolution.

1. High Brightness
2. Wide Viewing Angles
3. Cutting Edge Contrast Levels
4. Low Power Consumption
5. Prolonged Durability

MODELS: ARYA 43" (FHD), 50",55" & 65"

Best QLED TV In India

IPS Screen With 178 Degree Viewing Angle

IPS (In-Plane Switching) LCD Screen Panels are great with Better Color Reproduction, Best Image Depth,  Better light Visibility and Very Longer Lifespan.

But Unfortunately, 178 Degree Viewing Angle on IPS is a little unrealistic commitment, Instead, The real catch is IPS Screens have a Wide Viewing Angle than any other display panels.

MODELS: ARYA 32" & 40"

full hd and 4k resolution

Full HD 1080p & 4K UHD 2160p Resolution With HDR 10

A pixel is a smallest addressable element in a display unit. In other words, it is a dot on a display.  The number of dots in a two-dimentional plane is called "Resolution".

In simple terms  more dots, better resolution and more smoother the images and the more colors the display can produce with soft edges.

Simple Math

‍Full HD  - 1920 x 1080 = 20,73,600 ( Approximately 2.1 Million Pixels )

4K UHD - 3840 x 2160 = 82,94,400 ( Approximately 8.3 Million Pixels )

Ridaex Arya 1 LED Smart TVs Comes with both Full HD & 4K UHD Variants.

ImageMagik V3 AI - Picture Upscaling Engine

Upscaling is a process of Increasing the number of pixels in an image sequence and the quality of color reproduction. “ImageMagik V3 AI” is the 3rd of its generation and the proprietary Picture Engine for Ridaex Smart LED TVs.

Resampling SDR to HDR
Downscaling HDR to SDR (Optional)
Accurate Pixel Color Depth Management By AI
Motion Control & Motion Compensation -MEMC
Learning & Implementation

Capabilities (Read More)

best led tv in india
High Dynamic Range - HDR 10High Dynamic Range - HDR 10

Best LED Smart TV With HDR 10 & Dolby Vision

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a technology that involves both Content Creators and Display Device Brands to output the best of the creation with Increased Brightness, Greater Natural Color Accuracy and High Contrasts.  

Dolby Vision is an additional HDR display technology designed & developed by Dolby Labs and also implemented in many Amlogic Processors. Dolby Vision is responsible for brighter brights and darker darks that enhances the 3D Depth of the visuals.
32 watt downfiring speakers

Up to 32 Watt Down Firing Box Speakers

In comparison with front and side firing speakers, Down Firing speakers tend to produce better surround sounds due to nearer reflection points. Arya 1 LED Smart TVs Series come with up to 32 Watt down firing speakers with Dolby & DTS Audio capabilities.

LED TV With Flagship Configuration

Amlogic S905X3 Quadcore Cortex A55 Processor

Internal Storage:  Up to 64GB
Clock Speed:  1.91GHz
GPU: Mali-G31 MP2 with OpenGL ES 3.2, Vulkan 1.0, and OpenCL 2.0
CPU Process: 12nm

Temperature Control With Active Cooling Mechanism

Heat can change a lot around us, from Ice melting due Global Warming to super laggy processors which have constantly being run.

Just like growing more trees can help us control temperature change in environment. In Arya 1 LED Smart TVs, A Zero Emission Active cooling system can control and maintain, close to room temperature. This allows the processor to sync the heat and yield lag free experience.

Dualband 2.4 & 5 GHz Wi-Fi

Wireless Interferences at times can be hectic, when all kinds are gadgets are connected through a Single Band.

Ridaex Arya 1 LED Smart TVs have special capabilities to connect with Dual Band Wi-Fi Networks according to one's requirements. 5GHz supports 23 non-overlapping channels that helps in smart way of managing different devices without experiencing Latency, Packet Loss & Inteferences

Gyroscope Remote With Voice Control

2.4GHz Detachable wireless remote comes with a Inertial Measurement Unit that accommodates Gyroscope and Accelerometer. The entire IMU works towards providing seamless air touch experience.

In combination, Manual Buttons, Voice Control & Laser guide are integrated to perform different operational activities. The remote is powered with 2 X AAA batteries and has operation range of 10 meters.

Smart TV with popup camera

LED Tv With HD Popup Camera

With detachable high-defination popup camera, you are one level ahead in communication as well as physical cyber security.

Imagine! You entire family sitting on a couch and having a video conference with your far away loved one's.

Why Popup?
We believe, A television is just not a personal device for one person but its a personal device for your entire family and the best way to protect your social privacy is only through physical barriers.

Android 9.0 Opensource OS

Open-Source Android Operating System can change the way you see a Television "From LED TV into a Gadget".

This Enables a lot of features that can be explored such as Vast Number Applications, Compatibility Preferences, Peripheral Device Connections, Play Services Customization, Developer Options and Including Controlled Root Access.

ridaex android 9
google play services in android tv

Google Play Services

Experience the fullest of Google Play Services with minimum limitations. Arya 1 LED Smart TV is designed for applications cross compatibility.

In simple terms, one can use the maximum number of apps designed for both Android Mobile Phones and Official Android TVs in Arya 1 Smart LED TV. Including Conference Apps, Location based apps, E-Commerce, Augmented Reality, E-Learning, Hospitality, Surveillance, Utility & Office Apps.

It's Time To Study & Work From Home

LED Smart TV With Built-In Chromecast

Now stream high quality video content from any of your phones in the same network with lag free experience.

Chromecast also lets you take full control over the content being played without even touching remotes, right from your gadgets.

chrome cast in led tv
voice remote with google assistant

QLED Tv Google Assistant

Voice and touch based Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant developed by Google.

How can Google Assistant be helpful?
1. Control your devices and your smart home.
2. Access information from your calendars
3. Control your music
4. Make appointments and send messages
5. Read your notifications to you
6. Play content on your Chromecast

Ridaex Arya 1 QLED TVs For Education

Life outside comfort zone has been a challenge in 2020 with the emerging crisis and the new waves of the Pandemic.

Our Children, The future citizens might be the vulnerable due to their interactions with peers in Education Institutions.

Yes, Now we read your mind!

Ridaex Arya 1 LED Smart TV serves the trending requirement by support many E-Learning apps such as Google Classroom, Vedantu, Unacademy, Toppr and many more.

smart tv for education

1200+ Trending Apps Supported From Playstore

Highest number applications compatible LED Smart TVs supporting both native android mobile & official android TV Apps.

Meanwhile, features such as Developers mode, Screen scaling, Screen Rotation are also integrated for new application developers and testers.

Arya 1 QLED TVs For Every Home

With a wide range of size and variants, Arya 1 is suitable to take up a position in Every Indian Home.

Lower and mid variants such as 24" are still under the project pipeline and are expected to go live by the end of 2020

connectivity ports in led tv

All Conventional Connectivity Ports With Latest Standards

Access to connect and interact with age old devices to latest gadgets. Ports included such as Coaxial, RWY Audio Video, VGA, USB 2.0, USB3.0, HDMI 2.1 (With ARC), SPDIF & LAN Ports.

Extendable VESA Mount

With the increasing number of gadgets that can be connected to the LED Smart TV, VESA mount can be a very handy attachment that could avoid the complexity or damages while changing the connections.

In the other hand, It can also solve mounting problems in cornered walls which are most commonly found in typical Indian homes.

Services, Faster Than Prime

Get assured one day delivery in selected service locations and 6 hours guaranteed installation / service visits on all working days.

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