3 Ways to test if your Smart TV is 4K TV or Not!


Getting a new TV is exciting, especially when you get a big deal on festival seasons.We all know, 4K TVs are trending in the marketplace. Whenever you go shopping, almost every brand offers 4K in their television lineup. Not a lot of consumers do know if their smartTVs can play native 4K content.

If you want to have the best experience with the videos on your new display, make sure that you need know some basic information about resolution on your smart tvs.

Before we begin, let’s get the basic knowledge about 4K TVs.

What is a 4K TV?

4K is the common word when looking for a new TV. This is one of the high-end resolutions of a screen that renders four times higher than a normal HD TV. You will see more detailed picture clarity, contrast, brightness, than HD.

4K TVs resolution which is 3840 x 2160 px, is compatible with Dolby vision which gives you a digital theatre level experience at your home. It is working with a high dynamic range, where it improves the picture quality and videos with greater contrast.

If you are a big fan of watching content on Netflix, Amazon Prime videos, then it is the best way to get 4K TV without any doubt.

How do you play 4K videos on Ridaex Smart TVs?

Ridaex Smart TVs brings stunning new features in Smart TVs technology. We are specialized in the manufacturing of HD, Full HD, Ultra HD, QLED TV, Android TV, and 4K as well.

Ridaex not only offers the best specifications, features but also the best realistic viewing experience with high loading speed at an affordable price.

When comes to Ridaex Arya 4K TV, which has a Delux image clarity, brightness, quality, and sharpness and capacity of converting lower content resolution into four times better resolution effect.

Ridaex is one of the best Smart TVs, which allows you to access any 4K videos from any OTT platform via internet connections.

The below methods are the only ways a regular consumer can firmly test their device resolution. But if one has a display lab setup, there are advanced ways to test it with eligible equipments.

Test 1: Play Videos

To get to know the quality of the panel and picture resolution of the tv, visit any of the OTT channels like Netflix, Prime Videos and play 4K resolution videos. We bet you, our Ridaex machines will support 4K video because we are “Widewine L1” certified.

Or if you don’t have any access to OTT channels, simply visit YouTube and search for 4K quality videos. Select videos and resolution option to 2160px. If the video plays without any buffer with a good internet connection, then congratulation your tv is 4K resolution!

Test 2: Insert USB drive

To get to know the picture quality of the TV, insert a USB drive with a pre-loaded native 4K quality video or movies with a resolution of 3840 x 2160.

With the help of a file explorer or file manager in Arya mode. Play or open the video format to have a better experience.

Here is a link to download sample native 4K Videos: Click Here

Test 3: Visit Company official website

To get to know more about the product, please scan the QR code, where you can see all details about the models that you have booked. If in case, you are unable to do these steps, simply visit the Ridaex store page. Do search your product or model number, where you can see each and every detail of your product.

If in all these cases fails, simply visit our company’s customer service, contact them and ask them for information about your Smart TVs.

As far you know the basic information on playing 4K video on Ridaex Smart TVs.Hope this information helps, please, visit our website.

Author Name: POOJA RAM