This is Ridaex Shield.

A.k.a TV Screen Protector, Almost the first of its kind.

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Inspired By Covid.
Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure.
prevention is  better than cure
Like A Superhero.

Ridaex Shield - LED TV screen guard for Smart TVs is designed to protect your
television from physical damages.

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Impact Proof.

Screen guard for TV is an hardware level child
protection for your television.

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Eyes Are Important.

Ofcourse, Built with a extra layer to protect your kids vision from blue light.

This screen guard for TV can save eye sight and eliminate use of spectacles.

bluelight filter in television

There is a 3 - 5% clarity deterioration, but in the other hand color depths are higher.

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Don't Worry.

This TV Screen protector sits well on all surfaces and fastened with dual velcro straps.

ridaex shield
What Next?
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