Best Smart Tv in India - 2021 with Cash on Delivery

best smart tv in india 2021

Cash on delivery is a booming title in the entire e-commerce industry today. Just not only for low ticket size products but also for high ticket size fragile products like the best smart tv in India 2021.

Times before this, many companies used to prefer payments through cards, net banking, and other online payments. Where a lot of online frauds have been detected and registered previously.

In the case of India, even today during covid pandemic 2021. Roughly 60-65% of the online orders are fulfilled through cash on delivery. Whereas in countries like United States, United Kingdom, cash on delivery is close to 3%.

The biggest hurdle for Indian e-commerce consumers is the trust factor between brands, e-commerce vendors, logistic partners, and shipments handling. To bridge and increase this lack of trust, e-commerce companies have introduced COD facilities for almost all the products.

Looking at the other sides of the industry, there is a deeper crisis and big costs for the e-commerce players to operate due to rejected delivery, fraud COD orders, and competitors' stock out. This will not only increase the packing and logistic costs but also massively increases product damages.

Introducing Ridaex Prepaid Cash on Delivery for best LED Tv in India 2021

In order to solve, all the above-mentioned problems and respecting both customer-centric and company-centric thoughts equally. Ridaex has recently introduced prepaid cash on delivery feature.

We have heard of cash on delivery, but what is this prepaid cash on delivery?

At Ridaex for the sales of any product a pre-booking payment of Rs. 1499 is collected while placing the order. This small amount will show the seriousness of the product purchase in a consumer as well as it also bridges the cash on delivery assurance for the company. The rest balance payment of the product value will be collected during the end delivery of the product.

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Author Name: Pooja Ram