Importance of Widevine L1 certification on Smart TVs.

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The rapidly growing of technology gives us certain advantages as well as side effects too.Digital media has become a very predominant part of our entertainment life.

Some of the OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Paramount +, Google Play Movies, etc, may have a chance of leaking content, and for the same reason sometimes they are unable to support high-resolution effects on Android TVs.

To stream content securely on all these platforms, Digital Rights Management (DRM) has developed a way to protect copyrights for digital media content like moves.

Google Widevine L1 DRM has been designed in such a way that, it can prevent unauthorized leakage of contents as well perfect for playing 4K videos on OTT channels.

Here this article helps you to understand, what is the importance of holding Widevine L1certification on Smart TVs and other Android devices.

What is Widevine DRM? How does it work?

Widevine DRM is used to stream many OTT channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime,Paramount, Disney +, and many others. Widevine DRM is the content recording and tapping prevention system as it maintains certain industry-standard by holding the key licenses, adopting streaming video quality to users in order to protect the content.

Widevine DRM is a very complex-wide structure, helps in building licensed proxy servers, and also ensures it supports the client devices. It has three main security levels; L3, L2, and L1.

These licensed proxy servers are responsible for handling user authentication server devices.This proxy keeps examined over all the user devices and supplies licenses to its certified Widevine clients.

Widevine L3: This is the lowest supported option, the device which holds the Widevine L3certificate can only play 480p videos. You can’t play any HD video on these certified devices.

Widevine L2: This is the second level of Widevine, and this L2 device has a TrustedExecution Environment (TEE), the video content in L2 is not of the best quality, will typically play at a maximum resolution of 540p.

Widevine L3: This is one of the current highest levels of security, and the device that supports L3 and plays the highest resolution video possible up to 4K as of Jan 2022.

Most Android devices that are certified by Google support Widevine L1, and sometimes in combination with other DRM options.

What are the benefits of Google Widevine L1 in Smart TVs?

As I mentioned before, among all three Widevine certificates, Widevine L1 is the highest serviceable to most of the best Smart TVs in India in today’s timeline. Professional DRM vendors always opt for DRM Widevine L1 in ensuring full safety and best quality.

Video quality:Fortunately, nowadays most android devices are licensed with Widevine certification. Also, Widevine offers video playback supports to Smart TVs, where it helps in displaying streaming 4K video contents securely. The video content providing services are working on maintaining device security.

Safe Contents:The main benefit of Widevine L1 is that it has designed to protect and leakage of online contents from unauthorised access. For all its users, it provides exhaustive protection while streaming online video content.

In Widevine L1, every secure data will be encrypted, as a result, any content can be played any where without any fear.

Since Google has approved such a robust system, it is one of the best legal authorised platforms so that users can be at peace by knowing about its security and content protection facility.

Ridaex Arya TV has come up with the latest Google Widevine L1 certified
We all know, how Ridaex Arya Smart TV, is Nobel in manufacturing its flagship model and directly challenging the top LED TV brands in the market.

Ridaex Arya’s “World Most Powerful LED TV" is also best in many futuristic applications,OTT channels, equipped with extremely powerful processors, Video conferencing, DigitalSignage, high effective application compatible, user-friendly interface, and also open sourceE-learning platform which help kids can easily interact with a big screen as well.

Previously, many people have criticised Arya TV, due to the lack of visual content on-streaming channels. Android TV OS has many limitations in installing new applications, loading speed, low definition video content, and many more.

Unlike, the other best Smart TVs in India, Ridaex is also choosing for the android open-source platform, due to its wide scope of applications compatibility. But only one disadvantage was that the android open-source platform has lack content management certification.

In this case, Ridaex has taken its tough path to get a Google Widevine L1 certification for its Arya TVs.

Currently, Arya Tv is deployed DRM L1 update in the Year 2021 and has successfully done client-side testing. Also, Ridaex has rolled out DRM L1 Update to its existing user as well.

Ridaex has finally achieved and proved that Arya Smart TV brands also give complete independence to its users

Author Name: POOJA RAM