Ridaex Resolution Center

Ridaex Resolution Center is a hybrid self-support library in which all the major problems, errors, and solutions are updated in a timely manner. One can read articles, watch our latest updated videos, download relevant applications from our libraries and resolve many minor problems in the devices.

Resolution center is considered as a Level 0 support offered by Ridaex. If you are still facing any unusual errors on Ridaex Smart TVs, Remotes, and Android Mini PC, you can report us on Ridaex Resolution center via tickets.

Post the ticket is registered, our Level 1 support engineers will communicate with you in order to further escalate the issue to most relevent Soft Support or Hyperlocal Engineers.

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Ridaex Smart TVs


Flagship Smart TVs with future proof, failsafe technologies and premium built quality.
Ridaex Gyropscope Remotes

Gyroscope Remotes

Gyroscope based remotes with cursor and google voice control facility.
Ridaex Android Mini Pc

Android Mini PC

Android Mini PCs with flagship hardware and premium specs with optional DRM L1 License.