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Televisions are no less than any computers today and fortunately Ridaex is specialised in manufacturing sales of Worlds Most Powerful Smart TVs that can outrank many mobile phones and are almost close to a typical 2020's computer.

But none the less, nothing is perfect in the universe. Problems and errors always do occur and there are always more smart solutions to resolve the same. Here is the library of different technical breakdown aspects of any televisions.

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Ridaex Smart TVs


Display is the critical part of any Television. A typical display unit cost 80% of TV value.
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Speakers and efficient sound systems add emotional values to content payed on displays.
Ridaex Android Mini Pc


No television is ever-built built to run without electricity. Its the lifeline of Televisions.
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Android Processor

Experience no limits in your Android TV with a powerful Android Processor.
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Logic Board

When content is played from DTH, the analog signals are converted into digital signals.
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An amazing feature that lets you hear and view from a range of 10 meters without wire.
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Always stay connected to the world with high speed internet network.
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Infrared Remote

Old is gold, the most efficient way of short range and low packet size communications.
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Gyroscope Remote

Forget flat surface for your mouse and now operate on air. With optional voice assistant.