Looking for a smooth browsing experience in Google Chrome on your smart TV?

Google Chrome on Smart TV

Chrome is the preferred browser of millions of people due to its intuitive design and excellent performance. How, though, do you get it set up on your Smart TV? and how to operate it on a Smart TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered with this comprehensive how-to manual. Grab the remote, because we're going to explore Google Chrome on your Smart TVs.

Note: Here are some prerequisite

1. Your Smart TVs should have Android TV ASOP  
2. The Smart TV should be connected to the Internet network
3. Download and install Google Chrome from Google Play or Ridaex App pages

As mentioned in the above prerequisite, let us get step by step to start over 
1. Turn on your Smart TV and wait for the complete bootup.
2. On the TV, select "Home" Make sure your WiFi is turned on by going to settings.
3. Visit the Google Play Store or Ridaex app pages and download if you can't find Google Chrome.
4. Install Chrome and open it.
5. Use your remote controller arrow keys to navigate to the search bar and click “Ok”
6. Once the keyboard is highlighted on the screen, use arrow keys to type in your query and hit enter. 

Note: If you are using a Ridaex Future TV, Your gyroscope remote will come very handly in navigation throughout the Smart TVs screen and key in easily compared to standard remotes. 

There are some Unique Features of Google Chrome if u have it on Smart TVs 
1. Speed: The Google Chrome Browser works at high speed. So, here you can get your search result without any delay. Moreover, it gives many organised results to the users depending on their location and language.

2. Security: An extremely user-friendly internet browser is Google Chrome. It is secure and rather simple to use. Moreover, Google Chrome has built-in transparency security. When users encounter phishing or virus sites, safe browsing features alert them. This browser is mobile device optimised. Chrome does, however, come with built-in data harvesting features, which can occasionally cause a slowdown.

3. Password Management: Google Chrome maintains your passwords correctly, when you forget the password, it helps you to find out your password whenever you forget.