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TV Black Screen

TV Black Screen (or) Black Screen of Death (or) No Picture but Has Sound are all one and the same issue. Technically, these are called backlight failures (or) display panel failures in any display device, such as Smart TVs, desktop screens, laptop screens, and even mobile phone screens.

If you're facing this issue in any one of your devices, the first thing you have to do is not to panic as these issues are considered under Class 3 service issues and are easily resolvable.

Now, before we jump into fixing the problem, let's figure out why the TV black screen has appeared, how to recognize the TV black screen of death, and how to fix it affordably.

Why "TV Black Screen" but still has a sound?

The PCB assembly and the device casing make up the lower layers of many electronic devices, while the display panel is located at the very top of any display device, including a television. Image formation (or) presentation on a display panel requires lighting effects. The "television's backlights," as shown in the image, therefore, provide lighting effects.

Several factors, including the use of subpar LED components, extended backlight use, shoddy circuit construction, and frequent voltage fluctuations, all contribute to the eventual failure of the backlight, which in turn causes the display device to lose its illumination source.

TV Black Screen of Death

Secondly: whenever there is a failure in the display panel itself due to corrosion in the power lines, very minor hairline cracks, and breakdown of TCON. The display loses its ability to produce colors.

These are the two main reasons why a lot of consumers report TV Black Screen (or) Black Screen of Death.

How do I identify and validate the TV Black Screen of Death?

To put it briefly, the process is straightforward. Considering that "Backlight's" main light supply has recently died. Shine a flashlight or other light source "in front" of the TV to temporarily illuminate a part of the screen. If you examine the screen closely enough, you may be able to make out some of the colors and images that are currently being displayed. The failure of the backlight is then established.

TV Black Screen issue

In any case, if the traces of the color and image are not found after multiple trials. It is considered a faulty or death panel.

How to fix "TV Black Screen" issue affordably.

A 32-inch TV will have four backlight strips, while a 65-inch Smart TV will have eight. Each high-quality backlight strip costs $5 (or INR 400). The technician will charge an additional $20-$30 (or INR 2400) to replace the panel carefully without damaging it, in addition to the cost of the hardware. On the other hand, the cost of replacing the entire Display Panel is significantly higher than that of the backlight, and these costs are subject to market fluctuations.

Note: Do not try to replace the backlight or panel on your own; even a seemingly minor issue should be handled by a qualified technician due to the complexity of working with LCD panels.