How to test if your Smart TV remote is working or not?

Smart TV Remote

With extensive use of Smart TVs, where we can enjoy a wide range of content, movies, games, music, and even many streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Youtube as well. So all these programs are controlled by only one device called Smart TV remote which helps you to access your TV easily and rapid way.

Sometimes you wouldn’t be convenient and get irritated when your TV remote does not work. And then you are hustling in changing channels, cables and making some settings but still, you are unable to find an error in the Smart TV remote control.

Let me tell you, your remote is the main interface of your TV, it gives power over your Smart device. So make sure it is working properly or not.

Then how to test if your Smart TV remote is working or not?

Well, with Ridaex Remote Controller, one can easily detect the fault on your remote.

Here are some important guides to know how to resolve your Smart TV remote control problem. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Change Your Smart TV Remote battery

If in case the button you pressing may not light up, or the signal is not visible on thepreview screen, there is a chance that the button may be broken. So do try by placing new batteries.

● Before changing the battery, please make sure that the batteries are placed properly or not.
● If not, please reinsert the batteries. It helps in resetting most of the Smart TV Remote. If it doesn’t work, go to Step 2.

Note: IR remote control sends an infrared signal. Normally Infrared light may not some smartphones and iPhones/iPad because those have an IR filter.

smart tv remote replacement

Step 2: Smart TV Remote By Camera test

Test your remote with a camera app on your smartphone.

● Switch on your Camera app, point the IR light at the end of the Smart TV remote control with the camera lens.
● Press or hold a button at one time on the remote control.
● The blinking light will be visible on the camera screen when a button is pressed on the remote control.

Note: Smart TV remote control has a built-in IR blaster which accepts some sort of input from your remote and tries to communicate with another device. It sends signals by using infrared light. Normally humans cannot see this IR light, so it needs a preview screen to see the signal.

smart tv remote test

Step 3: Contact Ridaex Smart TV support

If in case all these symptoms of checking remote control fail, contact the Ridaex support team.

You need the following information ready:
1. Model Number
2. Purchase date
3. Bill

Conclusion: Sometimes your remote may act a bit crazy, then don’t get panic. Please follow the above-mentioned guidelines.