The known fact is, Best LED Smart TV 's in today's world are ruling the display industry, in both commercial and consumer durable television segments.

It was back in 1922 when the hustle of developing the world's first television started among many inventors. Philo Taylor Farnsworth a 21 years young inventor, who marked a date in history on September 7 1927 by demonstrating the first television in San Francisco. Exactly 92 years later, Ridaex has marked a new date in history by developing the "Word's Most Powerful LED Smart Tv" so-called "Ridaex Arya Tv".  The name derived from the Sanskrit language, Arya means "Nobel". In the other words the best of all.

How Ridaex Arya Is Nobel?

1. Indian Type Fused Power Cord

Due to wide demographics in India, The electrical conditions in such a large landscape are not the same.  The power circulation, electrical surges, high and low voltages, climatic changes are leading to a lot of problems in all brands of LED Smart TV 's.

The one-stop solution of  Indian socket type fused power can solve all the problems at once.

2. Built With Aluminium Body & ABS Material

LED Smart TV is just not a personal device for one person anymore, but its a personal device for an entire family.  Specifically, consumers in India would like to invest once in a quality product and would like to use it for many years.

To potentially increase the durability of the LED Smart TV, Ridaex Arya series best led tv 's comes with 86%  of 7000 series aluminum alloy body & the rest 14% of the components are built with ABS High-quality flexible plastics.

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3. Direct LED Backlight System

10 best led tv's in India

There are 2 major types of Backlight Systems in LED Smart Televisions.  

1. ELED: Edge Light Emitting Diode
2. DLED: Direct Light Emitting Diode

Ridaex Arya Series TV's are built with DLED Backlight system, We have explained the difference between ELED & DLED practically in the above video, Please watch for easier understanding.

4. Affordable QLED TV In India

Quantum Dot LED TV 's were first introduced on Best Samsung LED Smart TV 's. Later overtime QLED Technology was introduced TCL LED Tv & Sony LED TV 's and are very expensive compared to regular LED TV 's.

What makes QLED TV 's so expensive?
QLED TV's are regular LED Backlight based televisions but made with an extra quantum dot diffuser layer which allows the light to pass through the screen more efficiently and produce brighter, vibrant colors.

5. Split Board Architecture

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Unlike all other brands LED Smart TV 's Ridaex Arya series motherboard built structure is totally different in comparison.  Arya series come with a split board architecture that inturns on service calls in the future enable the replacement or fix only the damaged part rather than the whole android tv motherboard unit.      

On the other hand, It also enables to change and upgrade of certain hardware components in the future instead of upgrading the whole motherboard.

6. Active Cooling Mechanism

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Component heating is one of the major factors which reduces the performance as well as the life of all electronic components.  With the help active cooling mechanism built-in Ridaex Arya Processor, the overall performance during the Android Smart TV Operations is increased as well as the lifetime of components is increased.